MEMBERSHIP of OIDFA is open to anyone with an interest in bobbin or needle lace. Individual Members receive OIDFA’s attractive and informative magazine, the Bulletin, four times a year, and pay a reduced registration fee for attending OIDFA Congresses. They are also eligible for election to the Administrative Council, and may vote at the General Assembly. In addition to Individual Membership, there is a category of OIDFA membership for groups of lacemakers who do not wish or are not able to take full advantage of individual membership. For Group Membership the benefits are that the group receives a single copy of the Bulletin, and its representative is entitled to one vote at the General Assembly.

Annual Membership Fees 2021

€36 Europe

€39 Outside Europe

Subscribing to OIDFA

Many countries have a national treasurer to whom subscription fees should be paid. This is administratively convenient and can save on bank and currency conversion charges outside the Eurozone. Your national treasurer is also the person to notify of changes of address so that your Bulletin does not go astray. For countries where there there is no national treasurer, subscription fees should be paid to the General Treasurer of OIDFA.

Select your country (or ‘Other countries’), below, for details of how to pay your subscription. There are also two buttons allowing the following options:

  • Form: this allows you to complete and print out a form to send to the treasurer.
  • E-mail: this allows you to e-mail the treasurer with your details, notifying her that you are paying your subscription by cheque or bank transfer (as appropriate). Unfortunately this only works if your computer is configured to launch your e-mail program when you click on an e-mail link in a web page.

If you prefer, you can download and print out an application form to be completed by a hand. In this case, be sure to include your name, address, email and phone number.


National OIDFA groups

The National OIDFA groups for some countries also have websites in their own language. These are listed with the subscription details for those countries.