The International Bobbin and Needle Lace Organisation

Open-air lacemaking at the Ljubljana Congress

OIDFA Congresses have been held every two years since the first one in Le Puy-en-Velay in 1982. The 2016 Congress was recently held in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The formats of different Congresses vary, but there are always lectures on lace topics, and exhibitions of lace by member countries — especially the host nation — and by OIDFA Work and Study groups. Suppliers are on hand with lace and textile items from different countries, and there are generally trips to museums and places of local interest. The Congress also includes the General Assembly of the organization. Congress is usually preceded by three and a half-day workshops focussing on laces of the host country, and is followed by a five-day tour of the country, visiting places of particular interest to lacemakers.


Information regarding the Congress in 2018 will be announced soon.


The 2020 OIDFA World Lace Congress will be in Tartu, Estonia.

Ljubljana 2016

Gallery of Competition Prize-Winners

The theme of the competition at Ljubljana was ‘Youth’. Below is a virtual gallery of the prize-winning entries (and of the prize-winning national stand). Click (or tap) on the thumbnails to view. On a computer use the pop-up arrows that appear on mousing (or the arrow keys) to move from one image to the next — on an iPad tap on the right-hand side of the current image to do this. Click (or tap) the ‘×’ (or outside the images) to finish.


Gallery of Memories of Ljubljana and Slovenia

A second virtual gallery presents photos from the Congress and the post-Congress tour of Slovenia. It works in the same way as the one above.

Version Française

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