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‘The Bulletin’ (Bulletin OIDFA) is the quarterly magazine of the organization. Its articles reflect the international nature of OIDFA both in authorship and subject matter, and typically cover topics such as the description and history of lace from particular countries. There are also pieces about major exhibitions, museums and prominent lacemakers. Each issue contains either a pattern (such as the one that can be found on this page) or an article from one of the OIDFA Work Groups about its research. There are also book reviews, sometimes other patterns and, of course, information and news about OIDFA itself. Each article is in both English and French. You can get a flavour of the magazine by perusing the table of contents for a recent issue, below.

The current Editor is Katherine Gentelli, who welcomes submission of articles or patterns from any member. She is also the point of contact for potential advertisers (rates can be found further down the page). For enquiries about missing bulletins, however, please email Subscriptions.

From the Bulletin: An unusual Tape Lace from Spain — Mariña Regueiro

To read this article — An unusual Tape Lace from Spain — you will need a PDF viewer (e.g. the free Adobe Reader or the Preview program provided with Mac OS X). Click the link, above, and the article will either appear in your browser or be downloaded to your computer, depending on your configuration.

Stop Press

This section includes any time-sensitive items that may have missed the deadline for the current edition of The Bulletin or an edition that is in press. They are in PDF format.

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Contents of recent issue

Editorial : Katherine Gentelli
Letter from the President: Margaret Abbey
Financial Report 2017
The Mysterious Dutch Bobbin Lace: Bettie Stijnman
Pattern — Tulips: Bettie Stijnman
Welcome to Estonia: Priit Halberg
Competition of the 19th OIDFA General Assembly and World Lace Congress
Pattern: Aurora Ramos Lozano
Finding Freehand Lace and Fir Trees: Gil Dye
Pattern — Mother And Child: Alison Thoburn
Pattern — Bird motif
: Myrtha Mosberger
Gratitude in Lace: Evelyn McMillan
OIDFA Work Group for Lace in the Italian Folk Costumes: Alessandra Caputo
Pattern — Christmas Tree In Milanese Lace: Yasuko Nishiiri
Lace Not Lace; Fibre Art In Lacemaking Techniques: Devon Thein
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Books for Review

We are always happy to receive lace books for review in the Bulletin. Please contact us at reviews@oidfa.com.

Advertising Rates

Enquires about advertising in the OIDFA Bulletin should be addressed to the Editor. All adverts are in colour, and the rates are as follows:

  • Full page: € 200.00
  • Half page: € 130.00
  • Quarter page: € 90.00
  • 1/8 page : € 60.00